Photography credit: Andy Holdsworth
                                                                                            23 March 2020 
Dear everyone-
As recently mentioned, we are working diligently to reschedule many of our upcoming GO NOW! gigs.
We are posting all rescheduled dates here on our new website, in addition to Bandsintown and all of our other digital platforms. Please continue to check back frequently as we update things.
For your convenience, here’s a quick list of some of the gigs thus far that have been changed along with their new dates.
If you are planning to contact a venue with any questions that you may have, please understand that they are currently inundated with gig rescheduling and that they are working as quickly as possible from their end of things.
Thanks again to everyone for your cooperation and support. We WILL see you all again!
Marina Theatre Lowestoft : NEW DATE  February 26, 2021
New Theatre Royal Lincoln : NEW DATE  March 04, 2021
Cottingham Civic Hall : NEW DATE  March 05, 2021
Cheltenham Town Hall : NEW DATE March 18, 2021
Market Festival Drayton : NEW DATE  March 19, 2021