The GO NOW! boys on the first of their three 2022 tours in the USA





 Patrick Duffin, Mick Wilson,  Gordy Marshall,  & Nick Kendall 
 Photo credit: Andy Holdsworth





The entire LEGEND OF A BAND PRODUCTIONS team, bringing you shows that include:
GO NOW! The Music of The Moody Blues – The Tribute,  THE BRITISH CARPENTERS and  THE REWIND PROJECT .
Shown in photo: Patrick Duffin, Tim Maple, Sally Creedon (The British Carpenters), Mick Wilson, Gordy Marshall, Ryan Farmery (The British Carpenters) & Nick Kendall.
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Mick Wilson,  Gordy Marshall,  Patrick Duffin,  & Nick Kendall
Photo credit: Andy Holdsworth


Gordy Marshall


The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA where GO NOW! performed with The Philly Pops Orchestra, September 16-18 2022.



The Omaha Symphony. Another city in the USA where GO NOW! has performed with an orchestra ( June 4, 2022).



GO NOW! 2019 USA tour


GO NOW! 2019 USA tour



GO NOW! 2019 USA tour



 The GO NOW! team  performing ‘I Really Haven’t Got The Time’… virtually! To watch this music video click here- Watch Now


Another outstanding ‘virtual’ performance from  the GO NOW! team- ‘Lovely To See You’. To watch this video (and quite a few more) be sure to check out the GO NOW! channel on Youtube;
To watch this music video click here – Watch Now